* Really nice to have November 2005 shown back home in North Wales in the Galeri Caernarfon Open.


* Conflux also gets an airing in RETHink Digital Art Festival in Crete, Greece (September 2016):

* Conflux  showing at Concordia Video Art festival in Enschede, Netherlands (August – October 2016).

We Stood On The Bridge is in this 2016’s ArtMap festival in Ponte de Lima in Portugal during July and August.

* I Need To Talk (animated gif) appears in the current issue (Spring) of Please Hold magazine.

* Conflux and  Month-long sentence appeared as part of this year’s Wrought festival in Sheffield, a one to one performance festival.  They were staged at Bank Street Arts over the festival weekend (15th-17th April 2016), together with another work currently in development.

* Currently documenting (a month later, day by day) a durational work completed in February on my twitter and tumblr.   I posted a lot of postcards.

* Spent the day crawling up and down this service shaft installing Conflux for Art Language Location at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge:

* Excited to be part of A Letter in Mind in aid of the National Brain Appeal.  Can’t say what I’ve got in it, as all submissions are anonymous and all can be bought for £80.  You find out whose work you’ve bought at the end of the exhibition (in the oxo gallery, London, from 8th -18th October).  Great idea.

* November 2005, a durational work about memory, created as part of “Work in Progress”  at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, is now complete (open 11-4, Wed-Sat until 28th August).

* Massively proud that Circuit-bent jigsaw #2 a finalist in neo:art prize & included in exhibition in Bolton.  Exhibition runs 27th August until November 1st.

* Really pleased to have been selected for this year’s Art, Language, Location festival in Cambridge in October/November.  Have scouted out a really exciting location to stage “Conflux“.  Can’t wait.

* The Excellent people from SIX Project Space came and did a short film about my residency and Circuit-bent jigsaw.  Here it is:

Circuit-bent jigsaw from SIX project space on Vimeo.

* Circuit-bent jigsaw exhibition is now over.  Thanks everyone for taking part, whether watching online, visiting performances or discussing what it all meant.  Unique features of the 6 individual finished jigsaws  summary is over HERE.  2 Circuit-bent jigsaws left to buy  (#1 & #2) – email

* Exhibition with videos showing the 6 performances of Circuit-bent jigsaw:

* 2 types of conceptual glitch: post here.

* Buyer of Circuit-bent jigsaw #5  threw the dice to choose.

*Circuit-bent jigsaw #6 (of 6) was executed between 10.31:10 and 15.45:57 GMT on Friday, 13th March at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, and was streamed live here.

The 6 finished jigsaws will now form an exhibition, together with videos of their creation in the gallery at Bank Street Arts until 28th March.  (Open Weds-Sat, 11am-4pm).  Purchasing enquiries to

* Circuit-bent jigsaw featured in Tumblr Open Arts,  “the official hub for all things Art on Tumblr”.

*As requested, an alternative view on the generation of Circuit-bent jigsaw #5.

*4th week in the Guardian weekend Guide.

* Listing in ArtSheffield.

*Ladies and Gentlemen, we have conceptual glitch. Read this.

*Unexpected development: Circuit-bent jigsaws highlight underlying statistics of all scenes. See blog entry here.

*Circuit-bent jigsaws #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5 are now complete and on display in the gallery.  See links above for info and video.

*Interview about Circuit-bent jigsaw on Sheffield Live TV now online:


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